Who Butters Your Biscuit? Baker Profile #2: Emily S.

You know those women, smelling faintly of cinnamon and butter, bustling about the back of the shop? I know you’re thinking “Yes! And, well, no.”


Have no fear, the latest installment of Getting to Know Us is here. Here’s a chat with Emily, a lady who loves baking for you as much as you like her baking.


Showing some rhubarb who's boss.

Showing some rhubarb who’s boss.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to make?

Emily: Croissants. They’re really particular – it’s a challenge. You can’t just tell someone how to do it and have them come out right. You have to feel it. They’re a constant work in progress, always changing, always room for improvement. A labor of love. [editor’s note: and if you haven’t tried her chocolate croissants, please be warned that you may no longer be able to live without them once you try one.]


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your good side?

Emily: Compliment me! If you like something, tell us! Come back and tell me that you liked something I made. That’s why I’m here, doing this, to make people happy.


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your bad side

Emily: Tell me you DIDN’T like it. [editor’s note: she says this with a smile, which tells me she can certainly take a bit of constructive criticism. Just a bit.]


Q: Secret passion?

Emily: I love gardening. Also, my cat Lemangelo. He’s my love.


Q: Favorite pastime?

Emily: Reading and talking about the books I love. I also love roadtripping.


A much needed rest from kneading.

Q: Describe your perfect day.

Emily: At this time of year, I’d say spending a couple hours berry picking with my friends, going back home to make jam, then making a big dinner.


Q: What you like most about working at WCP?

Emily: The creative freedom that Gretchen gives me in the kitchen. And of course the people I work with.