Who Brews for You? Barista profile #3: Alesha S.

Do you have your favorite drink and pastry in your hand? Good. Now sit down and enjoy them while you get to know yet another WCP barista. The brewer du jour is none other than Alesha, whose megawatt smile is probably a familiar sight for you. Now get a glimpse of what lies just behind it.


Q: What’s your favorite drink to make?

Alesha: I like making mochas and cocoas because I get to play with both latte and chocolate art [ed. note: not to mention they taste delicious].


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your good side?

Alesha: Remembering my name! Also, being polite and friendly; sharing bits about themselves or their lives is nice.


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your bad side

Alesha: I’m not a fan of people who are in a hurry and take their frustration out on me [ed. note: this woman is not into cutting corners – she believes you deserve her best effort]!


Q: Secret passion?

Alesha: I’m not much of a secret keeper. But I do have a passion for languages, and Arabic and medieval politics, especially when illustrated in an epic fantasy novel!


Q: Favorite pastime?

Alesha: Going on adventures, learning new things, debating, socializing – things like that.


Q: Describe your perfect day.

Alesha: Waking up with yoga, making breakfast, sharing fun times with people I love.


Q: What you like most about working at WCP?

Alesha: I love this shop, my co-workers and the people I meet here!