Who Brews for You? Barista Profile #2 Holly F.

After the first barista and first baker profile, we know you’ve been jonesing to learn about more of the folks dedicated to your sugar and caffeine intake (no offense to those who prefer herbal tea and savory treats of course). So here are more insights for you to enjoy, hopefully over a cup of deliciousness served up by us.


Behold the second addition of our barista profiles, featuring a newer member of our team, Holly.


Q: What’s your favorite drink to make?

Holly:  Earl Grey latte with a dash of peppermint syrup because when I make it I know I’m about to drink it! [editor’s note: this doesn’t mean she won’t make you one, too, if you want it].


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your good side?

Holly: Being chivalrous. Not necessarily towards me, just in general, and this is not a gender-specific thing. When I see people in love, treating each other well, I’m inspired to treat them extra special.


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your bad side

Holly: Interview me for a blog post. [She is kidding – she loves this and me].


Q: Secret passion?

Holly:  My not so secret passion is storytelling. I’m a photographer and a writer and I’m working on buying a sailboat from which to launch a land-free press. You can see my work at www.hollyferal.com


Q: Favorite pastime?

Holly: I have so many…but maybe my absolute most favorite is making portraits. Capturing the essence of a person,  through their eyes, their body language, their style is what I strive for. Every person contains a universe to explore.


Q: Describe your perfect day.

Holly:  A perfect day involves being outdoor with my honey and my sister, and having a model who will let me cover her in paint, tie things to her, submerge her in water, and/or wear funny clothes in front of my camera.


Q: What you like most about working at WCP?

Holly: I love feeling pride in the quality of our food and drinks, knowing that my incredibly talented and awesome co-workers also take pride in their craft. I have a lot to learn from each one of them!IMG_2985


So, that’s our Holly. Now don’t forget about our Speakeasy Jamboree, comin’ up on June 20th. Prohibition-style fashion will be warmly received:)