Who Brews for You? Barista Profile #1: Brandon E.

You see these people every day, but do you really see them? In your rush to get caffeinated, and their rush to serve the line that snakes around the counter, your chance to get to know your beloved barista or baker is over in the blink of an eye.


So we sat down to ask them some roasting (we prefer that word to burning) questions, so next time you get your latte and tart, you can give a knowing smile and nod that says, “I get you, man.”


In our case, we’re not doing “ladies first” since 99.9% of our staff is female. So, for the first of our series, meet our token dude, Brandon.


Brandon, and his oddly shaped noggin.

Brandon, and his oddly shaped noggin.



Q: What’s your favorite drink to make?

Brandon: Cappuccino


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your good side?

Brandon: Most any pun will make me happy


Q: Easiest way for a customer to get on your bad side

Brandon: Making out in front of the register without even inviting me to join in is probably the worst. Like, seriously. We can make it work, but right now I have to take orders and you’re being selfish. {Note to his wife: he’s just kidding}


Q: Secret passion?

Brandon: My secret passion is ultimate frisbee. I love sprinting and sweating and smoking all at the same time.


Q: Favorite pastime?

Brandon: It’s a toss up between making beer or music.


Q: Describe your perfect day.

Brandon: My perfect day involves working at WCP, taking a nap and then a game of ultimate, then playing music.


Q: What you like most about working at WCP?

Brandon: The peanut butter cookies. {Note to his co-workers: he’s just kidding, it’s you}



Pretending to think Kelly's jokes are hilarious.

Pretending to think Kelly’s jokes are funny.