We are always humbled that you choose us for your holidays and special occasions, and would love to continue to do what we do best to make your desires a reality.

We usually need a 48 hour notice for most orders, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an order.


We are a busy kitchen and not always on top of our phone and emailing tasks. The best mode for orders is to talk to us in person here at the shop. We appreciate your business!
email is info@woodlawncoffee.com

shop phone is 503-954-2412



available in 9-14 inch rounds

chocolate buttermilk cake | chocolate buttercream

red velvet cake | cream cheese frosting

carrot coconut | cream cheese frosting

poppy seed cake | lemon or fresh fruit

espresso soaked cake | caramel buttercream

chocolate cake | salted caramel buttercream

oregon blackberry with white cake | vanilla buttercream


ingredients follow the season

for our 10 inch pies



blackberry orange

apple blackberry

peach blueberry



cream pies:

banana cream

coconut cream


chocolate cream

lemon meringue


bittersweet chocolate torte (gluten free)

bitter almond orange apricot torte

zucchini-olive oil torte with lemon glaze

crushed chocolate and walnut torte (gluten free)


buckwheat breton tart

fruit filled tart (4 inches or larger)

almond fruit tart

chocolate caramel tart

lemon tart

rustic fruit crostata


almond bostock

blueberry cornmeal muffin

fruit streusel coffee cake

apple walnut muffin (vegan)

fruit tart (vegan)

croissants | chocolate, plain, almond

danish | cream cheese, fruit

scone | jalepeño cheddar, sweet scones

loaf cakes | pumpkin, banana blueberry, zucchini spice, carrot coconut with cream cheese frosting, vanilla poppy seed, bourbon chocolate

quiche | bacon, vegetable