Berry Season Has Begun!



Thanks to a warm spring, Oregon and Washington strawberries are a little early this year. For us that means lots and lots of strawberry treats on the menu. Our purveyor, Polar Farm in Washington, provides us with the juiciest berries – Hood, Tillamook, and Puget varieties. We’re mixing them into our gluten free coconut, orange buckwheat loaves, our almond streusel coffee cakes, and upside down creme fraiche cake. Plus, we’ve added some new items to celebrate the season, like strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam on brioche french toast with mascarpone cheese.


First brought to Oregon from Iowa in 1846, strawberries have been a part of the agricultural fabric of the Pacific Northwest for longer than we’ve been a state. Our climate makes for deliciously sweet and firm fruit, just as perfect for baking as they are for popping in your mouth right off the plant. Don’t miss the brief and scrumptious strawberry season! We’ve got lots, but not for long, so come on in and get some!

Oh! And save the date for a prohibition-themed cocktail party later this month. We had so much fun last time, we just had to do it again. Join us, June 20th at 6pm.