Gretchen Glatte grew up in southern Oregon where she comes from a long line of accomplished bakers. She honed her professional skills in a scratch bakery in Taos, NM, then went on to work in such acclaimed San Francisco eateries as Firefly, North Star Restaurant and Little Dipper Bakery. She returned to Oregon and worked at New Seasons, Wildwood, and Firehouse before getting the itch to open her own joint.

She saw the need for a cozy neighborhood spot for good coffee and pastries, and decided that she might be the person to make it happen. Soon, a dilapidated century-old building was spit-shined into a bustling little shop, where people could get great coffee, delicious food, and feel as welcomed as they do in their own kitchens. Now opened everyday and nights Wednesday through Sunday, Gretchen and her crew greet their growing regulars with soul-soothing fare and hometown friendliness.